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Posted on December 4, 2013 by luciaevans

We are all searching for a place to Belong… to be ourselves! Where is this place!
I don’t know about you, but I haven’t felt much like I belonged here on this planet. I didn’t really know how to relate to the English language for one, and then thought it strange to see how others treat each other. It saddens me when people treat each other with unkindness and violence.
Because I am an empath, and extremely intuitive, I have the privilege to feel everything and everyone…. this is such a great gift, and yet….sometimes when I want to turn it off, there is no off button. It is in the innocence where the inner sense is made. So the place I have found is my safe haven where I belong is connecting with Source and bringing that peace and calm into the world of chaos… to bring calm to the chaos – this is what Gandhi means when he said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” What do want to change? Where do you belong?
My wish for the planet is that we learn how to love each other in spite of our differences. That we learn how to communicate effectively, that we learn to take the time, slow down and connect in with our feelings and our true nature. My wish is that by developing emotional intelligence we create Loving, Conscious Relationships. My sense is that Relationships are the way of the NEW ECONOMY. My wish is that we can find a place of belonging and acceptance in our own hearts that there is a place for everyone to express themselves fully in a way that is honoring of not only ourselves, but also for everyone else. My wish is there is a place to belong for everyone equally where we are all sharing our resources so everyone feels loved, cared for and nourished. From here we can thrive as a human race, not just barely survive.
Practice being calm inside – just being with yourself focusing on your breathing, a flower, a candle flame, the sky and notice what happens inside. Take the time to SLOW DOWN and really FEEL your FEELINGS. It is okay if you feel scared.. just be with the scary feeling….Know that the scary feeling will pass….it won’t last forever… use your breath to move through it…..its okay.
Let me know what you notice.
It is my great pleasure to be of Loving Service to Humanity. I work the for Universe as a Relationship Navigator….In Joy, Bless you all.

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