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What is Self Responsibility?

What is Self Responsibility?
Posted on November 22, 2014 

Self Responsibility is the Ultimate Freedom! I challenge you to explore and see for yourself.
Self Responsibility is the ability to RESPOND to whatever we CHOOSE to respond to. Being self responsible gives us the ability to choose how we want to respond to any given person or situation. The POWER OF CHOICE is the key.
What are you choosing in your life? What are you aware of that you are choosing and what are you unaware of that is showing up in your life that is demanding your attention? Take a moment and look closely. Your life is a direct reflection of you. Where are you taking responsibility in your life? Where are you not taking responsibility for your life? Where do you need to take more responsibility…… where is there unresolved stuff?
So one of the ways to know if you are not taking responsibility for your life is if you are blaming, shaming, judging and criticizing others and yourself.  One way to shift this pattern is to start really monitoring your inner dialogue. What are you telling yourself? How are you treating yourself? What words are you choosing?
Our words are very powerful – they create our reality. So we get to choose wisely to what words we are using since they have energy to them.. each word we choose has a specific frequency and the word becomes more potent when we align the word up with our feelings… this is where the true power comes from. When we align our words up with our feelings, and share what we feel with authenticity, then watch out…….Notice what happens any how people respond to you as you choose your words wisely and connect the word with the feeling and share your experience using I statements… I feel, I notice… I need…I really want…. I am frustrating myself around……I am triggering myself with…..I just need some down time….I am really happy since I …….I am so appreciate you for…..etc.
Self Responsible Guidelines.
1. I seek to understand others first, especially when there are differences.
2. I am responsible for how I hold my feelings and perspectives, not anyone else.
3. I understand when someone is sharing his or her perspective, they are telling me about them NOT about me, which makes my defensiveness less likely to be activated, so I can listen with my heart rather than justify why I am right and the other person is wrong.
4. When someone thinks and acts a certain way and it makes perfect sense to them, I would very likely think and act the same way too if I was in their situation.
5. When I feel the need to fix someone else, instead of using “you should”…… I will choose to respond by sharing what I notice and how I feel about the situation using words like I think, I feel.
6. Realizing that I am not all knowing helps me to stay humble in the way I communicate, which helps create an atmosphere of openness and co-operation.
7. I speak and listen from my heart and the deeper knowing of my being.
8. I embrace what is alive in me. For example, if I am feeling jealousy… I make friends with jealousy, by having a conversation with it to find out what it needs. I may draw it out on paper or move jealousy with my body…so it has a way to feel expressed. This helps me express it vs depress it.
9. I commit to BEING LOVE, sharing love and receive love. When I am in doubt I ask…What would love do? and I listen for the answer.
Taking 100% responsibility for everything we create in our lives can seem like a big deal and it is. And yet, until we do, we won’t be able to truly change and grow with power and purpose. We won’t feel unified as equals, safe to truly be ourselves and liberated as individuals.
Taking a STAND for being self responsible is the best gift we can give yourselves and the world. By  choosing to respond to our life, taking responsibility for our thoughts, our feelings and our actions, then we free ourselves of blame and victimization – this is what true power is, taking full ownership for our part.
Thank you for doing your part. I appreciate you taking a stand in aligning with your integrity and purpose and for making a difference in your life. Everyone benefits from you consciously choosing your words and your life.
Please feel free to let me know what you notice while putting your awareness to practice.
In Loving Service to you,
Lucia Nicola Evans
“Be the Change you want to SEE in the world” Gandhi.

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