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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice
Posted on December 13, 2014 by luciaevans

At any moment we have the power to choose something NEW.
We have THE POWER TO CHOOSE a NEW REALITY with each moment, with each breath. Yes, it is that simple. We have the power to CHOOSE how we respond to ourselves and each other.
I want to encourage you to slow down and choose to take a stand. Take a stand for yourself for love. Take a stand to love yourself first. I want to encourage you to be your own safety net. Be who you want others to be. Write a list of those attributes, qualities. Now put I am in front of each attribute  and become those very things you want others to be. Radiate these qualities.. share these qualities with those around you… inspire and encourage people who need support…. share your love and appreciation with those who are struggling… give someone a hug, a smile, send someone a card to let them know how much you care about them and appreciate them.
Choose to share your heart and love with those around you after sharing it with yourself first.
Say I LOVE YOU to yourself… say it many times a day… and then start saying it to those people around you.. even the ones you don’t know…. just start saying I LOVE YOU. You are important! You matter!
With each breath you have a new choice – Matt Kahn started a LOVE REVOLUTION and in one of his tube video’s – “Your Divine Nature” – he says,
“Use the breath to say I love you to you…..with this one breath, I give it to creating harmony, peace resolve for all hearts, to wiping out the history of persecution and violence, to purifying all lands, creating abundance where all will thrive and prosper and share their gifts”
Allow yourself time to stop and regroup. BREATHE… ask yourself:
1. What am I ready to let go of that is no longer serving my highest good?
2. What would I like to create NOW that I am aligned with?
3. What do I need to shift, and put into ACTION TODAY in order to make this a reality? Who do I need to call? What do I need to do? or What do I need to become?
Remember – each thought you think creates an energetic wave, that emits a certain frequency, which  ultimately creates your reality as you know it. Energy flows where attention goes.  When you put your attention on something, even a thought, energy flows there.
So, CHOOSE your thoughts WISELY… Let go of the self defeating thoughts RIGHT NOW!!! CHOOSE to refocus your attention to the thoughts that are helpful for your expansion ….say thank you for sharing to those thoughts that are self defeating…. and refocus and shift to thinking thoughts that are supportive to you moving forward powerfully. I am a powerful manifested. I know I can create whatever I want. I believe in myself. Wow… I really can do anything I want.. what will that be? Dare to dream BIG and/or show up in each moment with presence and share love and kindness to someone in need of love.. which is all of us!
What thoughts do you need to think in order to make a reality that is in alignment with what serves you AND the highest good of all. Write a list of your top 6 VALUES so you know what to align your thought up with. What is important to you and where are you choosing to put your attention each day! 
Know our attention is the most valuable commodity we have access to – make time to CHOOSE POWERFULLY.. not just for you – for all beings around you! Everyone is impacted by what you choose…everyone.
What are you CHOOSING to think? and What thoughts are you willing to change?
With love and appreciation to you for taking time to CHOOSE POWERFULLY & WISELY,
Lucia Nicola
“Be the Change you want to see in the world.’ Gandhi

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