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In The Dark

In The Dark

Posted on February 24, 2015 by luciaevans

So, I have felt in the dark regarding a previous relationship. What have I done to shed light on the unknown and the concern? How have I dealt with being in the dark?
To stop the cycle of feeding the dark.. the manipulative, evil energies – The dark feeds on the dark. And feels threatened by the light.. so the trick is to feed the dark with the light so the dark is no longer being fed. The light will dissolve the darkness over time.
I went through some ugly things with a previous relationship… that involved lawyers and court and things that are just no fun at all. Now…the whole time I was saying to myself… and to everyone…. let the result be in the highest good for all…..sending light to the darkness….light and love.
Sometimes it is hard to know how things are going to turn out.. especially when there is so much invested, time, emotions, energy, love….so much invested. It is always an invitation to us… how much can we let go… and can we come back to love…even if we feel wronged or if we don’t feel honored or respected or that justice was served? Can we come back to love?
Is it really worth the fight? Can we be stronger than the dark… can we shed light on the places where it needs it most? what is that for you in your life? What needs light and love? Where do you feel left in the dark? Can you soften… and bring light into that space? Can you be with the darkness.. and feel into it…. into its uncertainty… into its scary places? I encourage you, no matter what darkness you are experiencing… come back home… come back to love. Pause, Breath, Relax… back to love…. surround yourself with light…. expand it beyond your body….let it fill the whole room… then go further… allow the light to fill the city… then the county.. then all the countries.. and then the entire planet.. and even beyond the planet into space… send out light beyond even where you can imagine… are powerful and you make a difference by each thought you have, each feeling you feel, each action you take, create ripples of energy out into space. You are powerful. Keep focusing on what you want to happen…really feel the outcome…… and it will happen.
It did with me….I was able to return back to love with my ex-partner after all the lawyers and court stuff….Thank you – this is truly a miracle.
This is from my book I am currently writing “Once I allowed myself to step into the unknown and give myself permission to let go, doors started opening and all sorts of things became available to me. It was as if I was living in a land of magic where spontenaity resides and sychronicities happen all the time. Actually, it was when I was aware of the sychronicities when I knew I was on track”
With love as Always,
Lucia Nicola

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