Monday, May 28, 2018

The Power Of Sharing

Since I have written my chapter called the "Power Of Authentic Relating" in a book called "Conscious Love" and taken a course called "Self Expression and Leadership", I have realized there is such Power in Sharing. One of our most basic human needs is connection.

Sharing my experiences, and listening to other people's experiences has created a closer human bond that has helped me see how similar we really are as human Beings. I have felt like an alien in my body and had a challenging time feeling like I belong here on this planet. Since I am sharing more of myself, I have felt much more connected to my humanity. You know, if you think about it, our lives consist of a series of various conversations throughout time and all life really is, is about sharing.

I have always had a hard time finding words to verbalize my experience. I am finding it easier and easier to access the words where I can share my experiences with others more authentically. Because I listen from my being, it takes me slowing everything down to really allow the experience of what others are saying to land inside so I can really feel the reality of how life is occurring in their world.

Sharing something doesn't have to be a big thing. I have often felt that if I don't have something really important to share, I wouldn't share it. I now realize that when I share, something inside me happens. I notice that something integrates in me. If I am emotional, I will often feel less emotional and more connected to myself. In sharing with those I love, if there is a listening with presence and receptivity, I will feel different in my body.. often lighter and a sense of reassurance that I am not alone in my experience. I feel more connected to myself and to others. This gives me a sense of belonging and purpose.

Something I can share with you now...

I am excited for my son to come visit in 2 months. He currently lives in Germany with his Dad. Getting the ticket felt like a big thing since I am not so great at focusing on something that has a lot of details. Now I got it.. it is so fun to thinking he will be with me for the month of August. I am grateful for the time I will have with him.

Explore sharing your experiences with others more.... and see what it feels like for you.

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