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The Difference Between Divine Love and Programmed Love

The Difference Between Divine Love and Programmed Love
Posted on June 29, 2015 

Hi There Beloveds,
I just went through some intense feelings of severe confusion to discover this clarity. I am inspired to write it now because it in still very fresh for me. I know many of you will resonate with what I am saying.
So I was getting super confused about what Being In Love really meant. Someone shared with me yesterday how being in love to him meant loosing his sense of self in another person. I find this fascinating because Being in love for me is gaining my self of self with another. To me, all there is that I know from my being, is Love. Love is our natural state of being and therefore has no association with human meaning as a concept or programming. Yet, many associate Being In Love with romantic or programmed actions or feelings and an identification what we think it is from previous expectations or assumptions. So being in love is not something you can understand or figure out from our programmed beliefs and constructs, from our mind. Being in love, is eternal, forever  – if it is coming from Divine Intelligence… something greater than our programmed beliefs and constructs.
Being in  Divine Love is not conditional… meaning it doesn’t change depending on external circumstances – it is constant and it cannot be threatened. If someone is having a bad day.. I don’t love them any less for them having a bad day or if they lash out at me. I send compassion and love their way.
It is our purpose to evolve into this Divine Love….We grow and deepen and eventually come to realize that all there is to come back to is love. Divine love never goes away. This is how to really experience total acceptance where there is no pain and suffering… just a state of BEING IN LOVE.
Programmed Love on the other hand comes and goes.. and pain is then felt from the identification of this impermanence of such love. Feeling the separation of the lack of love is not fun. This causes us excruciating pain and suffering in our hearts and beings – we feel things like.. not feeling wanted, needed, safe… feelings of rejection surface since we put so much meaning to it these things. Then we shut down because it feels threatening to keep our hearts open due to the constant changeability of programmed love.
Divine Love just is. It is not associated with anything other than Being itself. Being is constant… it is not changeable.
When we take time to BE…what is the overall feeling? relaxed right? So when we are relaxed, we are aligned with Divine Love. When we are upset and triggered we are coming from programmed love… we go into expectation and assumptions and disappointments and wounding etc.
Because Divine love just is….. there is nowhere it isn’t. It is in this sense without meaning. So there way out of pain and suffering is to let go into the flow and be in the issues of being… a state that is too vast to be understood by the human mind… it is only understood by our experience of this now moment. A total full experience of what is right now, where there is no thought, no judgement, no emotional suffering – just being.
What will you do…there are two options.
Accept what is OR Resist what is. What are you choosing? Today I rode he wave of accepting my confusion.. it was initially painful and uncomfortable.. then the skies cleared and I found a deeper understanding. I am so grateful for this discovery.
An Action Step you can do – Something that will help you be in Divine Love more… is taking consistent time to go inward and relax into the moment..into just being – come back to your senses.. how are you feeling.. what are you feeling in your body? does your body have something to tell you? what are you hearing? Can you feel the rhythm of your breath? You can go to the beach and use the rhythm of the waves to bring you into a state of relaxation or put on some relaxing words that doesn't have words – take 20 to 30 mins of quiet time to JUST BE daily – see what you discover. What is the essence of you? can you feel it? I would love to hear your discoveries.
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Being In love and Service with you.
Lucia Nicola

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