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The Importance of your Inner Life

The Importance of your Inner Life
Posted on December 24, 2015 

 What is your inner life?
Most of us have gotten really good at accomplishing our to do lists and are focused on doing things every day – this is our outer life.
This is important… and yet you will get burned out if you don’t create time to focus on your inner life. I know this to be true since it happened to me. I was a full time massage therapist for 9 years and realized that one day I just couldn’t continue any more and be true to myself and my wellbeing. I was exhausted. I needed to learn how to really make myself a priority and focus more on my inner life which I did and feel much better today and can now be there for others in a whole new way.
Your inner life is the place where you go when you put your focus on you. Some questions to ponder.
When you close your eyes what is your attention focusing on?
How Self Aware are you?
What are your thinking?
What are you telling yourself?
How are you feeling? what are you feeling? where in your body are you feeling it?
Are you stressed? what about?
Are you relaxed?
How much time are you making to decompress from your day?
Are you meditating?
Are you allowing yourself time to just be?
Do you spend time outside in nature regularly to recharge?
What are you doing to feed your inner life and recharge your energy naturally?
You inner life reflects your outer life. Our inner life is really indicative on how much time we take for self care.
How do we shift our consciousness to responding with compassion and non-judgment when we are in constant conflict with ourselves.
How can we learn to honor ourselves and each other simultaneously and live on behave of the whole?
If you don’t look inside and shift what isn’t aligned with your truth, your integrity your personal values, than who will it be? Who will do it for you?
What will it look like to be true to yourself? what does this even mean?
Are you willing to change – and focus on your inner world to change your outer world?
As Gandhi so well put, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.
We are evolving and growing all the time.
The human race is at a paradigm shift right now in our evolution. It is really up to each one of us to make the choice to change the rules so they align with our own truth… where we create the internal stamina to see things through to the end with peace and sled-liberation and love for ourselves and each other.
How do we deal with the violence and injustice of the world?
We turn inward and learn how to respond with compassion and love, verses judgment and fear by practicing self compassion and love.
Is it possible to respect all sides… the ones fighting against each other. What are people really fighting for? to get their way? What doesn’t make any sense is that they are really fighting themselves… when we all get this… then we will learn to respect each other more… because we will learn to respect ourselves by turning inward and resolving the conflicts inside to effect the outside world.
What power do you listen to? is it inside or outside of you? By making time feed your inner world your outer world becomes richer and more fulfilling.
Dear Hearts, to enrich your inner life…. start meditating and sitting quietly for 30 minutes every day. Let go of anything you don’t need any more… breathe deeply and allow your exhale to take all the things you don’t want any more with it… just let go and start to forgive those around you for any harm they have done.
To become more congruent with your inner life, make a list of all the things you know you need to do and haven’t done that is aligned with what you know intuitively, but you keep putting it off. Find out what is holding you back from doing these things…..get support…. set goals and deadlines for yourself or find an accountability friend to motivate you and hold you accountable to finish what you start.
Ask yourself – How can I become more empathetic to the needs of the people and the world? What can I do TODAY to support me feeling empowered on how I live my life that is authentic and grounded? It may just be how to manage your thoughts better and be more present to those around you with an open heart.
I take a stand for Peace, Harmony and Compassion… where we can learned to feel balanced in our inner life and thus have a balanced outer life. Seek to understand others first.. and this brings a deeper connection and rapport to one another.. where we can become more authentic with one another.
I am here with you to serve you and guide you through this crisis that we are in right now… to remember the importance of the inner life when things get overwhelmed is of great importance to our survival.
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Thanks and blessing to you and your wellbeing.
And remember, make time for fun with yourself!
Lucia Nicola Evans

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