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Returning To Balance

Returning To Balance

Posted on June 27, 2016 by luciaevans

Returning to Balance – Our Health Depends On It.

There is much to be said about balance. To be healthy we need to be in balance with our true nature –  the yin which represents the more feminine aspect and the yang, which represents the more male aspect of ourselves. Balancing receiving and giving love is vital. Nurturing yourself and giving to others from your heart, while implementing what needs to get done in order to live sustainably is important to how you relate in the world. Your health depends on how you listen to yourself. Your true nature responds well when you are making choices that align with what feels good to you while challenging yourself to keep growing and learning.
Life presents many challenges and opportunities…. it is up to us to learn how to create balance in our busy lives so we don’t get burned out or get diagnosed with a disease.
Balance is the key to good health and happiness. There are many components we need to learn to balance in order to keep ourselves healthy and happy. What balance ultimately comes down to is a series of conscious choices that align with what is important to us. By looking at our values we get to see where we put our attention and energy. Making time to stay centered, grounded and receptive to life and others is vital to sustain balance and harmony. When we each take responsibility for our own energy by consciously choosing how we respond with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we have the power to shift our reality as we know it.
Journal about the following questions to learn more about yourself in relationship to returning to balance: What brings you joy and happiness? When are you most relaxed? When are you most able to be yourself? What makes you stressed?Who do you like to be with? Do you prefer to be alone? What friends do you like to ? What environments feed you? Do you like the city or the country? There are so many choices it is almost overwhelming.
As I have grown older, I am noticing the importance of spending quality time with the people I care about. This brings me so much joy and fulfillment. Quality time for me is being present – not answering my phone when I am with friends or taking a walk and leaving my phone in my car. Just within a romantic relationship, there is so much to balance. For example, I need to think about creating time alone to make time for self care, time with friends, time with family, play time, work time,  and relaxation time.
I am a strong advocate of quality time. There is no amount of money that can buy quality time. By quality time, I mean the quality of attention we bring to how we relate with ourselves and each other. When someone gives me their undivided attention, I feel like I matter to them and that they really care about me.
We are so easily distracted these days. It is a discipline and gift to have an uninterrupted conversation. I am always taking deep breaths throughout my day in order to return to my center so I can respond to what live presents me. We are not defined by our circumstance. We are defined by how we respond or react to our circumstances.
What would returning to balance look like for you? What do you need in order to slow down and enjoy life more? Maybe it is creating more structure. Maybe it is creating less structure and going more with the flow, becoming more spontaneous and playful. Maybe it is learning how to let go of control and being right so you can be happy. Maybe returning to balance is a discovery in itself for you. Let yourself explore here.
Are you paying any attention to your heart and how you are feeling? What about your inside world?
Do you take anytime to breath or to meditate in your day? Are you allowing time to decompress from the daily stresses in the world,  from work and maybe even the people around you?
What are you thinking about? What is your attention on during your day? Write a list where your attention goes. What is your intuition telling you? Are you taking action according to what your intuition is telling you? Are you letting those around you know how much they matter to you? Are you acknowledging yourself for all that you have done? It is so easy to forget to acknowledge ourselves. There is always something to do.
Take a few minutes and write down what you need to do or shift in order for you to return to balance in your life.
You might find just by reading this post, something will click and you will be inspired to make time for something you have been putting off or connect with someone you haven’t seen or spent quality time with for awhile.
I hope you have found this post helpful.
With love as always,  Lucia Nicola

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