Friday, May 11, 2018

What Feeds My Soul

What Feeds My Soul

What feeds my soul
Is the pause between my breath
where time stands still
for a split second

Here I see everything
through magic lenses
It is as though someone sprinkled magic dust
on everything around me.

I see the magnificence of the Divine
in everything and everyone
I see the glimmer in your eye
that shows me what your soul is longing for.

Is your soul breathing? or
Is it suffocating?
Is it connected to the others? or
Is it scared and unsure who to show it’s radiant magnificence to?

What feeds your soul?

I invite you to come into my gaze
To experience what I feel
And merge with the magnificence of your radiant being

What feeds my soul
Is the light in your eyes.
When you know and embody your light
You are more beautiful than words can say

When I see the light in your eyes
I feel the depth of your longing.
As my gaze meets your longing
And you receive my love through your gaze,
My soul is fed.
I merge with you.

For it is when you show me the depth of your longing
where I feel most connected to you
I am no longer hungry for anything
Here, I feel most connected to me
For you are me and I am you….

We are ONE…….

Experiencing you as me, and me as you
Feeds my soul.
For here...there is no separation, no pain, no longing…
Being me is the ultimate..
where I get to be
In my pure vulnerability of sharing my soul with you.
Where you receive me in total surrender.

Where you let me in
And I let you in
There is no room for fear

Here we have have touched each others souls forever
Our lives are forever changed

For It is your gaze,
Your gaze of Eternal Love
That has changed me forever
I know I can trust your gaze
for there are no lies in your gaze
only Divine Truth, Absolute Truth.

Thank you for Trusting.
Thank you for receiving,
Thank you for sharing
YourSELF with me.

I see you and love you….

We are One 
A N D 
I am Me!
It is the WE.

My soul is fed by your gaze
It is reassured and nurtured
Held forever in Unconditional Love.  
I am in B L I S S 
Where I B e l o n g.

~Lucia Nicola Evans

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