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From Turmoil to Peace

From Turmoil to Peace
Posted on May 26, 2015 

My whole life I have tried to make sense of this human experience. What it is that I need to learn as I evolve and get older. I have come to realize that it is very simple, and yet not so easy to do all the time.
For the past week, as I am an empath, I have been feeling the collective field very deeply. I have been feeling deep deep pain. Our world no doubt is in extreme turmoil. There is a lot of devastation going on right now that is challenging for us. How are economy is, to our environment, to how we treat each other.
I often ask myself what can I do to help this world? I don’t feel like I am doing enough.
I woke up today again asking, what is it that I need to be focusing on to help our world, our people, our environment? What is really important right now?
Then it dawned on me. The best thing I can do to help is to BE at PEACE within myself in this very moment and allow my inner knowing, my inner guidance, grace –  to show me from moment to moment where I need to go with this feeling of peace. To have a loving conscious relationship with myself. This requires me to slow down and really listen. That is another blog I will write soon. How to really LISTEN.
It is so easy to worry – worrying about how to make money, worrying about the world and about our future. Worrying about our future does not bring peace. Being in the present moment brings peace. And this moment is so so so precious. I have the power to bring my attention back to this moment and each moment with a simple breath to restore peace once again.
The great news is, by coming back to peace, I am creating a new experience for myself in the field of turmoil and  gloom and doom.
I am creating an experience for the possibility where I can NOW create space to create something NEW. You may be asking, how do I do that?
Well, it is very simple. Bring your focus back to the breath and realize that each moment is just as it needs to be in order for the next moment to unfold. Accept things as they are in each moment.. and notice what you are feeling. Are you really allowing yourself to feel the feelings or are you resisting them? To feel the feelings – allow yourself time and space – slow down and make time to have important quality conversations. Get support from friends that you trust. To dissolve the resistance, lean into it. Find out what the resistance needs. What are you resisting? Can you define it? Where are you feeling the resistance in your body? Notice how you are breathing. This is the discovery work that I do with clients – exploring what is in the way of feeling and being at PEACE.
Feeling the feelings restores peace. Having truthful loving conversations with others to share what is real for you restores peace. Avoiding and resisting what is creates more turmoil. This  turmoil with eventually show up in your body as tension or some sort of dis-ease. The only thing that is really trust worthy is to come from my inner knowings and becoming aware of what it is saying to me.  I don’t need to know about the next moment. If I can live my life in the flow of each moment, then I am living in alignment with Peace.
I realized the last week I have been putting a lot of PRESSURE on myself to create some sort of plan in order for others to understand more about what I am doing in my work. I realized that the information will come as soon as I release the pressure. For the pressure is just creating more turmoil inside about what I think I should be doing. And this does not feel at all peaceful. This feels judgmental.
Being peaceful inside has so many benefits. I get to have more fun because I am more relaxed. I get to notice more. We live in such a beautiful world. Yes, there are some really depressing things, no doubt about it. I just watch a movie called “Tomorrow Land” . It shows a more positive future for us. It is worth seeing.
What are you choosing to put your attention on? The hopelessness and despair of the world or the beauty of knowing that you can be at peace within and come from a place of love for yourself, for our world and for each other.
What will you do for peace? What are you willing to take a stand for? What is your heart longing for? Are you willing to die for it? Who will you ask to be on your team?
We have an opportunity here right now in our world. We have an opportunity to remember that peace within, get connected, align ourselves with our values and live this with each moment of each day.
I take a stand for SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL CHANGE through loving each moment as it arises from a loving, centered, grounded and connected place.
I take a stand for PEACE, by returning to my breath when I am upset and putting pressure on myself.
I take a stand for LOVE, and asking for support when I need it.
I take a stand for COMMUNITY, for receiving SUPPORT when it is too much for me to handle by myself.
I take a stand for being AVAILABLE to those in need that are willing to take responsibility for their part. I am here for you.
I take a stand for BEING PRESENT to each moment where I have the opportunity to come back to my Heart, to my Being, to PEACE so I can create a foundation to PLAY from.
I have found a formula that works really well for me to sustain peace. I hope it helps you in your life.
GRACE is my guide. Grace is generated by POWER. Power is sparked by my INTENTION. And my Intention is fed by LOVE.
Blessings and Peace to you all.
In loving Service to you.  Lucia Nicola

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